What Programs Are Offered by China Medical University in Shenyang?

China Medical University in Shenyang is one of the best and most famous medical schools in China providing a wide range of medical courses. At the grassroots however there are a spectrum of programs which are designed to train human resources with expertise in different areas of healthcare who are competent in both theory and practice.

School of Medicine > Undergraduate Medical Education

Baachlor of Medicine & Surgery MBBS (Foundation Programme)NON-DegreesThe Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): Major in Clinical Medicine is China Medical University's national-feature key discipline formed through the setting-up construction in the 15 first-class university groups similar to National Project 211. The average duration of this program is 6 years, which includes a year of internship in hospitals to gain practical knowledge. This curriculum was developed to provide broad training in the basic areas of medical science: anatomy, histology, physiology and biochemistry; microbiology and immunology; and pharmacological principles, while at the same time being long enough to allow sufficient years for clinical rotations in medicine (chronic care; acute care) and surgery.

Specialized Graduate Programs

There are also many master's and doctoral programs available for those hoping to pursue education beyond the baccalaureate level. These will include fields such as:

Clinical Medicine: Offering an advanced clinical practice along with research opportunities.

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Nursing: MSN-Level and CNS of Nursing pracitce leadership and patient care in specialized areas.

Public Health: Training the next generation of leaders to conquer public health problems by changing real-life experiences into policy implementation, teaching and study.

International Programs

China Medical University is renowned for its international programs which are conducted in English language for the ease of students from across the globe. The programs offered here provide students from all over the world to study medicine in China and are standardized according to the international standards which overall helps in global approach among crore of graduates.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the key course at that university. This innovative program harmonizes the best of traditional and modern medical principles, giving students a broad foundation in the variety of ways to care for human health that is well respected in China and internationally.

China Medical University programmes are full-time and equally, intensive, based on the rigorous pedagogy needed for medical science.


The comprehensive programs at China Medical University in Shenyang provide excellent preparation for a wide variety of health career future, covering the full range from entry-level health professions that can be acquired in several months to research programmes that can take up to seven years and more. That it is a significant school on the medical education landscape of China because of its pledge to marry traditional and modern medicine and equally strong dedication to global education. This way, multiple training units equip students whether they are international or from Africa and beyond - an all it takes to successfully graduate into the global health industry.

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